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See how engaged your employees are, week by week, for the whole year

What is swifty•pulse?

swifty•pulse is a system of constant assessment of employee engagement

swifty•pulse is an online tool designed to constantly measure engagement with a “pulse” survey. swifty•pulse focuses on what has the strongest impact on employee satisfaction, including relations with superiors, recognition and work culture. Unlike traditional engagement surveys, swifty•pulse measures engagement constantly, allowing management to react to problems as soon as they appear. The tool allows also to assess the quality of outboarding – a process that has undeniable impact on the engagement of newly hired employees.

What are the features of swifty•pulse?

swifty•pulse offers automation and continuous measurement of key engagement factors

One of the main characteristics of swifty•pulse is that it continuously asks about crucial aspects of engagement. The survey unfolds over a period of time, and then starts over. Employees receive only one question per week, which reduces their time-crunch pressure, while giving them opportunity to speak out on a regular basis. Results are visible in the control panel, as they flow in – they can be analysed at any moment during the cycle (progress from cycle to cycle is also shown).

The survey design is rooted in social science and based on our experience from over 20 years of HR consulting. The survey is streamlined, with questions that go to the core of key factors of employee engagement.

Employees who have joined the organization only recently, receive only questions referring to their onboarding. After completion of the onboarding process they continue with the engagement pulse.

How to use swifty•pulse?

Sophisticated analytics and ease of use

swifty•pulse offers management and HR advanced analytics. Results of the pulse survey are broken down by key engagement factors and a system of filters allows advanced queries which result in highly relevant data sets (pertaining to departments, locale, project teams etc.). The data panel shows also an engagement level trend chart and a comparison with the aggregated results of other companies using the tool.

Despite its powerful analytics, swifty•pulse is easy to use. The administrator starts the pulse and as results are coming in, he/she can monitor the results and analyse the data. Employees are expected to spend just a few minutes each week on the survey – they receive only one question a week, if the administrator has not defined additional questions, which he/she can do at any time.

Key aspects of engagement

swifty•pulse focuses on those factors that have been found to have the greatest impact on employee engagement. They are universal, independent from an organisation’s profile, size or sector. They comprise emotional aspects related to work but also more tangible issues, like the organization of work or equipment needed to get a job done.

Surveys on autopilot

Once you click on the “Start” button, swifty•pulse will be sending question by question until the whole survey is distributed to employees. After that it starts over, unless suspended by the administrator. No other actions are needed and the administrator can just focus on the analysis of the inflowing data.

Add onboarding

swifty•pulse includes also an onboarding survey. As in case of engagement, starting the survey is enough, the rest follows automatically, and questions are being sent to newly hired employees only. Since there is no anonymity of answers in this survey, HR can address individual onboarding issues. After three months, the newly hired employee starts receiving questions from the engagement survey.
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