About 360°
Developing competences starts with feedback
Higher competences result in higher efficiency

What is 360° feedback?

360° is a competence assessment method, which uses multiple sources of feedback to provide a better perspective

360° feedback is a process in which the feedback seeker receives information from people he or she is working with on a daily basis. Unlike in the case of performance appraisals (which – to a degree – also deal with competences), information obtained through a 360° process comes not from one but from multiple sources. This results in increased objectivity and reliability of the assessment. It also allows the feedback seeker to see him/herself in different roles – as superior, subordinate and peer. The raters are usually asked to provide a rating of behaviours pertaining to competences (although in some organisations raters evaluate competences directly). Using behaviours greatly facilitates evaluation, as competences can appear somewhat abstract to some raters.

How to use 360°?

360° should be used exclusively as a diagnostic tool in the process of competence development.

The main purpose of 360° feedback is to assess competences in order to develop them. The results of each 360° process provide the necessary input for individual development programs, in which key competences and methods for their development are laid down. Information about the level of key competences is also a starting point for determining individual career paths. In connection with individual performance indicators this information can be used to manage succession planning.

How to choose competences for 360° feedback?

The number of competences is overwhelming – it pays off to focus on those that matter

Each company has its own corporate culture, a system of values, and a vision of success with aligned goals. Add a dynamic business environment and your competency model will have to be flexible to respond to shifting challenges. Granted, there will always be core competences for each management level, but a “one fits all” approach is a thing of the past.

Given the multiplicity of competency frameworks, a 360° feedback tool must be universal. This calls for a flexibility in the choice of key competences so that questionnaires are relevant. Our library of questionnaires includes dozens of competences and provides a good starting point to tailor 360° projects to your needs. We offer both behavior-based templates as well as questionnaires where questions refer directly to competences.


swifty•360 allows you to apply several competency models – each of them tailored to the requirements of a given work level. You can design questionnaires, parts of which will be addressed only to certain levels. This gives you great flexibility in comparison with other 360° tools.

Advanced analytics

swifty•360 allows to group competences according to chosen criteria – you can designate competences as „strategic”, „operational”, etc. In connection with the flexibility of diversified questionnaires in which competences vary depending on the work level, this results in granular data and offers a plethora of analyses, which will enhance decision making.

Take control

swifty•360 is a highly intuitive online application – no training or study of manuals is needed in order to use it. A friendly user interface allows to design and deploy a 360° feedback project in no time; administration of the tool is easy thanks to a range of control and data analysis panels. The administrator (in most cases the HRM) has control over crucial elements of his/her 360° projects, from user data, time-frames, competences and questionnaires, to analyzing results. The administrator can also watch over each project’s progress.
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