Assessing competences requires reliable feedback
360° feedback is a robust and proven multi-rater tool
About 360°

Develop key competences

swifty•360 allows to assess key competences using input from multiple sources, which produces in reliable and relevant results. Objective, multi-faceted information makes for a better evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, providing a solid base for competency-based decisions.

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Increased efficiency

Key competences need constant upgrading and development. Information gathered by means of a 360° feedback are used primarily to develop competences and nurture talent. A high level of key competences is a precondition for an organization to attain high efficiency.

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A culture of openness

Multi-rater feedback provides depth and is superior to a one-sided evaluation of competences by superiors. The 360° process requires that subordinates evaluate their superiors, which in turn encourages the development of a culture of openness.

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Percentage of Fortune 1000 companies that use 360° feedback tools (Source: “The Academy of Management Executive”, Atwater, Waldman)


Percentage of medium-size and large companies in the UK that use 360° feedback exclusively as a development tool (Source: Institute for Employment Studies)

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