About Constant Feedback
Feedback on demand. For everyone. On time.

What is Constant Feedback?

Constant feedback is feedback on demand, accessible in real time

swifty•feedback is a state-of-the-art online tool, which allows those who are seeking feedback to obtain it as and when needed. Each employee, regardless of his or her work level can solicit feedback from any person in the organisation. Employees learn how others assess their performance and/or contributions in the context of projects and processes. They receive evaluation of key competences by people they work with and who are in the position to give meaningful opinions.

swify•feedback shifts emphasis from the HR department to the employee. The initiative rests with the employee – he or she decides if a presentation, meeting or completed project is an opportunity to ask others about performance, contribution, work style, etc. All feedback results are presented in a clear and concise form and the feedback receiver can analyse all data as they flow in. The HRM can look up individual and group results to plan competence development solutions.

How to use the swifty•feedback tool?

swifty•feedback is a versatile yet easy to use online feedback application

Using swifty•feedback is intuitive and easy. The tool utilises two rating scales known from social media and ranking sites – five stars and thumb up/thumb down. The feedback giver can add a comment to provide explanations for his/her rating or to express appreciation. The feedback seeker can also ask people outside the organization for their input – clients, partners and other stakeholders are often a valuable source of information.

Feedback can be related to performance, results and skills, but also to observable interactions in processes and projects. This puts information in a context, provoding an additional dimension. In the tool’s “360° mode” the feedback seeker is obliged to link his question to one of the competences from the organisation’s competence framework. He or she will be able to analyse feedback breaking it down by categories of feedback givers, just like in a traditional 360° project.

swifty•feedback reports are easily compared with reports from swifty•360.

What are the advantages of swifty•feedback?

A regular flow of feedback provides valuable information when needed

Using swifty•feedback promotes a culture of competence development and engagement. Rooted in competency frameworks, the tool helps to build awareness, accept responsibility and take initiative. Using the tool on a regular basis, employees begin to think in terms of competences, monitoring their level and taking interest in and responsibility for their own development. Shifting the responsibility for receiving regular feedback from the HR department to the employees creates a sense of empowerment. These two aspects, coupled with appreciation by peers, foster a culture of engagement.

Feedback in real time and in 360° mode

Our tool dramatically shortens the time needed to receive feedback. Every employee can analyse his or her competency levels, monitor trends and discover correlations with his/her own behaviours, contributions and development actions. The application allows to ask for feedback using a 360° mode - this provides additional perspectives by comparing results from different feedback giver groups.

Deep insight analysis

swifty•feedback allows management to analyse the competences of individual employees, but also of groups, chosen according to freely defined sets of criteria, like function, location, work level, etc. Those “deep insights” help identify deficiencies but also hitherto unidentified strengths.

Familar and intuitive interface

In the swifty•feedback tool users are presented with rating scales known from social media, travel metasearch engines and rating services. Five star and thumb up/thumb down ratings are a feature familiar not only to millennials – they make our system intuitive and very easy to use for everyone.
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