Feedback should be constant and competency-based
Give feedbacks an edge with competences and foster employee engagement
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Empower and develop

Decentralised, on demand and competence-related

swifty•feedback allows to receive feedback linked to competences.

Information is solicited when and as needed – any employee can ask for feedback, regardless of his/her work level. With swifty•feedback employees can share information regarding their competences with the HR department in order to discuss their development needs. This is empowerment in action and an important contribution to employee engagement.

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A milestone on the way to a learning organization

Welcome to the age of constant feedback

swifty•feedback gives employees access to feedback from their superiors, peers and subordinates, who can rate and comment how the feedback seeker performs in different roles and situations. Feedback can be solicited and given in the context of processes, projects or any events. Putting feedback in a context and linking it to competences allows feedback seekers to constantly learn from mistakes, correct  them and improve skills – all conditions to build a learning and agile organization.

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Engagement requires recognition

Foster engagement. Constantly.

Constant feedback goes beyond competences and their development. It can be used as a tool of recognition, which is an important factor of employee engagement. Giving recognition can be incorporated into best practices. swifty•feedback gives ample opportunity in this respect, both because of its constant availability to employees and because of its contextual character.

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Percentage of employees who would like to receive feedback even on a daily basis (Source: PwC)


Percentage of actively disengaged employees who point out the lack of feedback from their superiors as a cause of disengagement. (Source: Gallup)

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