Engagement is too important to be looked into only once a year
Start a pulse survey and see how engaged your employees are
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Start a conversation with your employees

Unlike traditional engagement surveys, swifty•pulse gives employees the freedom to speak out on a regular basis, throughout the whole year. Their feedback, if treated by management as part of a dialogue, will ultimately contribute to higher engagement.

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React to problems with engagement as soon as they emerge

Engagement is too important to ignore or miss warning signs realting to it. Lack of reaction can result in lower motivation levels, and in the worst case scenario even in the loss of valuable employees. With traditional engagement surveys reaction might be delayed by as much as a year. swifty•pulse allows to identify problems before they become critical.

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Get information on the quality of onboarding

swifty•pulse differentiates between employees, categorizing them as “old” or “new” depending on the date of their hiring. To those who have been hired recently the system will send questions pertaining to their assessment of the onboarding process. This allows to monitor the efficiency of onboarding throughout the whole process.

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Percentage of disengaged employees (Gallup)


Percentage of employees who see communication with management as a crucial factor of engagement

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